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Rocket Transportation is based in Sequim and offers many different types of transportation services.

Shared Shuttle service is an attempt to share transportation to and from the Olympic Peninsula in order to have a more affordable door to door travel option.

Shuttles are a not scheduled service. They arrive and depart based only on reservations.

Reservations are accepted within the following guidelines:

*In order to run multiple shuttle runs each day, reservation groupings must be at least 3 hours apart.

  1. It is always a good idea to check the existing shuttle reservations for your specific date of travel prior to booking your flight to minimize your inconvenience in sharing transportation.
  2. Rocket recommends you schedule to arrive a minimum of 2 hours before your connecting travel – traveler may choose less.
  3. Rocket recommends you schedule pickup a minimum of 2 hours after scheduled arrival of connecting travel – traveler may choose 45 minutes as the shortest window of time before shuttle pickup time.
  4. Should the traveler book a later run and make the earlier run, the traveler will be accepted on the earlier run as space is available.

In the event your airline, train, bus, etc travel is delayed beyond your reserved Rocket shuttle, Rocket will find space for you on the next reserved shuttle. If the next reserved shuttle is the following day, you may have to find overnight accomodations. Rocket’s only responsibility is to find space on the next reserved shuttle.

Your shuttle reservation is the time within your booking window that fits best with the other travelers within that same window taking into account the desired times. If your window is “Noon to 3pm” and your shuttle was scheduled to depart at Noon and you can not make the Noon time, we do not wait until 3pm. Your booking window must be what you can comfortably expect to make. You have to decide what window of service fits your travel needs.

Rocket will do its best to optimize the shuttle runs based on all of the reservations for that day and balance company efficiency with customer convenience. Traveling is exhausting in the best of circumstances so please allow yourself time to handle unexpected delays in your travel.

Consider what is most important to you: Speed of travel, schedule predictability, cost savings, parking costs, unattended vehicle, or Door-to-Door service. There is not a one-size fits all solution to traveling to and from the peninsula, but we’d be happy to help you find the service that best fits your needs.

If your travel schedule is not flexible enough to accept some inconvenience, you may want to consider our Private Shuttle Service which will run exactly when you want it to.