Door to Door, SeaTac and More!

Rocket Transportation is the ONLY true DOOR to DOOR Sea-Tac Airport shuttle serving Washington’s Beautiful Olympic Peninsula.

Look for more shuttle runs and service to and from FORKS and LAKE CRESCENT LODGE!

Pickups at Seattle Tacoma International Airport are outside the new Door 00 and Door 2 on the Arrivals Deck area marked "Airporters" Zone 2, or 3.

Airport mandated restrictions on the Rocket Driver and Rocket Van:

  • Maximum Wait Time on the Arrivals Deck is 10 minutes
  • All Rocket clients are expected to check in with their driver – now it is critical – leaving a voicemail for the driver is considered checking in (leave your name & phone) - then take your phone out of airport mode and maximize your phone volume so you hear us if we need to call.
  • Plan to be at Door 00 (inside or outside) at least 15 minutes prior to targeted departure time.
  • Rocket drivers will Page on overhead speakers.  Please keep an ear out and an eye on the time.  Drivers are no longer able to leave the van to look for you.
  • The van will not come to the airport early unless ALL passengers have checked in.
  • If all SeaTac passengers for that van have not checked in, the Rocket Van will be at the pickup location 5 minutes prior to the target pickup time and wait until 5 minutes after the target pickup time before departing.
  • Rocket clients not outside at the van within 10 minutes of the Rocket Van arrival on the Arrivals Deck outside Door 2 may be left. If the van departs SeaTac without you, you may be on the next Rocket Van with space available.
  • Passengers are never to leave the curb with their luggage until instructed by the driver (this is moving traffic).
  • Passengers are never to take their luggage to the rear of the van – please handoff your luggage to the driver just prior to entering the van.
  • Passengers will not be able to enter the van until all SeaTac passengers are accounted for.
  • If the driver must walk away from the van (to make announcements or assist a client with luggage) all passengers on the van must disembark so that the driver may lock the van.

Rocket is aware that these changes bring an additional level of inconvenience to pickups at SeaTac. We are doing our best to continue our reliable service within the rules set forth by SeaTac.

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Rocket Contact Numbers

Please note, if you are planning on using our service contact our reservations team at 1-360-683-8087 Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm PT first before you purchase your plane tickets so that they can check shuttle availability for you.*

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Rocket Transportation – Providing safe comfortable rides for you and your beloved pets.