We have attempted to answer the most commonly asked questions at Rocket Transportation. 

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How to book shuttle?

Online Booking is the same process as calling us to make the reservation for you.   You see the same system as us.  We encourage you to attempt the reservation on your own from our home page GoRocketMan.com.  If you have questions about this reservation process and what the different pieces mean, give us a call and choose menu option 4. We’ve expanded our customer service hours and are now available Monday through Saturday 7am to 6pm PST.

What is the earliest time I can arrive at SeaTac Airport on the Shared Shuttle?

7:30am is the earliest we attempt to arrive at SeaTac Airport.  This means that most people would book a flight  departing at 9:30am or later.

Another option is to take the Rocket Shuttle the day prior to your trip. We can drop you off at one of the hotels near the airport in the late afternoon, or early evening. You‘ll catch your early flight more refreshed and less hurried.

What is the latest departure from SeaTac Airport?

Rocket targets departure from SeaTac no later than 7:30pm.  This means that your Domestic flight must be scheduled to land no later than 6:45pm. We recommend 6:30pm to give some flexibility in the case of a delay.  Your International flight must be scheduled to arrive no later than 6pm to book but we recommend earlier if you are unsure how long it will take you to get through Customs.

How do I find my pickup time?

An email (not the one you received confirming your reservation or reservation changes) is sent the Business (Monday through Friday) Day prior to each date of travel - generally by 1pm  Pacific Time.  This email has "Upcoming Journey Details" in the subject line.  If you are having trouble finding this email, check SPAM, TRASH, and PROMOTIONS folders.  You can also so a search of all your email folders on UPCOMING JOURNEY DETAILS which is fairly unique in email headers.  If you still can't find the pickup email, you can call us after 1pm Pacific Time at 360-683-8087 menu option 3.

Why did I have to get to the airport 4 hours before my flight?

We recommend that you arrive  at the airport 2 hours before your flight.  In order to group the reservations of the day, sometimes we may have to schedule you to arrive 2 hours earlier than you desire.  In these cases, this 4 hour window helps deal with scheduling, security screening, bridge closures, and traffic. Plus it helps insure that you don’t miss your flight!

Electric Wheelchair, Scooter, Bikes, and Surfboards

Rocket no longer has the luggage space to accommodate these items.  Manual wheelchairs and walkers that fold, and small medical devices like CPAP machines are taken free of charge when specified in the reservation.  A scooter that breaks down smaller than two checked bags is possible in place of the two checked bags you are allowed in the back of the van without additional charge.  

I can't select a shuttle on the second page of the Reservation process

This page only shows the default shuttles for the selected travel days.  This page is to assist in making your flight reservations if less than one week from travel date.  More than one week and the defaults have probably not changed yet.  The best piece of information on this screen is how many seats have been booked on the shuttles for that day.  Red shuttles have no available seats.  If you call the Dispatcher at ext 5 during standard business hours, a new shuttle might be added opening more seats for the day.

What is Seattle City?

Seattle City is the part of Seattle that is north of SeaTac City and Airport as both are in King County.  The VA Hospital on Columbia is the southern most location and The Rennaissance Hotel on Madisson is the northern most location outside of cruise season.  These locations can be arrived at as early at 8:30am with departures as late as 2pm tops.   If you can get yourself to SeaTac, latter departures are available.  Last minute pickups in Seattle City are difficult as it drops off after SeaTac and picks up before SeaTac.  The drive must have enough time to have a meal break and travel the round trip safely.

What is the latest time I can be dropped off at SeaTac Airport?

Our last shuttle of the day arrives SeaTac and hotels between 3pm and 6pm.  

The KIOSK says CLALLAM. What does this mean?

A shuttle is full of reservations with all drop offs in Clallam County.  Chances are there is another shuttle close to the departure time that says JEFFERSON.  This is the heads up that two shuttles will be at SeaTac about the same time and there is a difference.  The other common label is PRIVATE meaning one party has booked the complete van and other parties may not add on to this shuttle.

The KIOSK says "HOTELS ONLY". What does that mean?

As unusual as it is, all reservations on that shuttle are being picked up at hotels and the van will not make a stop at SeaTac without Dispatcher redirection.

I see a seat available on the Kiosk but you won't let me book it

There are many reasons for this.  Most common is that the Dispatcher is holding seats for passengers that have already booked on an earlier shuttle and could be delayed.   Call again when the Dispatcher has instructed you to call to see if seats are still available.  The next common reason is that the shuttle is not serving the area you desire to go to.

I booked the second shuttle but was moved to the third shuttle

Apparently your travel time was near the end of the "flexibllity" window for that shuttle with enough other travelers to justify making the third shuttle arrive earlier than the default.  An example of this would be your flight is at 5pm making your travel window Noon to 3pm.  The default third shuttle targets arriving at SeaTac Airport no earlier than 4pm so you booked on the default shuttle targeting to arrive SeaTac Airport no earlier than 1pm.  We changed the third shuttle to arrive by 2:30pm moving you and others to that shuttle.  The shuttle schedule each day is balanced based on the paid reservations for that day - no two days are exactly the same.

My PASSWORD isn't working

Please call us to ensure your profile is ACTIVE, your email address is correct, then set or reset your password. Once your profile is ACTIVE you'll be able to manage your profile on your own.  The Dispatcher is likely the best option if there is no snow on the ground.  Not all Agents are proficient in this as of JAN 2022.

How do I CANCEL or CHANGE a reservation?

There are a few options: 

1) Create a profile with a password to login and manage your reservations.  You can make changes, cancel, and request a refund.  

2) Call us: Choose 4 (Agent) if the reservation is more than 2 Business Days (Monday through Friday) from today, Choose 5 (Dispatcher) if less.  The reservation is not cancelled until you see the confirmation email with the reservation status changed from BOOKED to CANCELLED.  If you select an Agent for a reservation less than 2 business days in the future, a text will be sent to the Dispatcher to follow up on.  

The reservation is not cancelled until you receive the email.  

Why can't I find my email?

Assuming the email address is correct, check your JUNK, SPAM, and PROMOTIONS FOLDERS.

For reservations look for the subject line RESERVATION CONFIRMATION

For pickup times look for the subject line UPCOMING JOURNEY DETAILS

How do I reach my driver?

Your pickup email contains your driver name and driver extension.  The KIOSK option on GoRocketMan.com shows drivers and extensions for today and possibly tomorrow PICKUPS FROM SEATAC.

1) Dial 360-683-8087 (1-877-697-6258 from out of the country or if your cell i limited to a local area)

2) When the greeting starts you can enter the FIRST digit of the extension - then wait

3) When the prompt starts you can enter the SECOND digit of the extension - this will take your call to your driver's cell phone.

If the driver does not pickup you can leave a voicemail.  Voicemail is considered checking in when waiting for a pickup at SeaTac Airport, or other locations in King and Pierce Counties.

If you are calling from your pickup at your selected location on the North Olympic Peninsula (Clallam and Jefferson Counties; Sequim, Port Angeles, Port Townsend and such) AND your driver is late for pickup per the email sent the business day prior. Call again and again.  If the driver doesn't pickjup after 3 back to back calls with voicemails attempted, please call back and select option 9 for Emergency Dispatch.  Your driver is the fastest way to get the information you desire but the Dispatcher will assist if the Driver is not responding to calls.  Please don't wait past your pickup time to make contact.   

Do we stop for the bathroom?

Rocket makes ONE bathroom stop on each shuttle run; to the airport and from the airport each get a bathroom stop.  The bathroom stop is in Poulsbo or Port Orchard possibly somewhere in between.  If there is a stop at the Olympic Peninsula Gateway Visitor's Center on Beaver Valley Rd near SR104 porta potties are available but this is not the official bathroom stop. If your pickup is in Port Townsend, it may seem silly to stop for the bathroom in Poulsbo.  Please remember that there may be travelers on the van that started their trip in Port Angeles and have been on the van for more than 2 hours by the time we get to Poulsbo and SeaTac is less than 2 hours from Poulsbo.

Refund from Customer Account

When cancellations are made from the customer's online account by the customer, refunds are automatically sent directly to the Rocket Digital Online Wallet.  If you want the refund to your credit card minus Administration Fees, please call 360-683-8287 option 4.