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Passenger Rules

1.       FARES:Fares are based on Fare Zones and distance from the Fare Travel Route. Published fares are Adult Fares and apply to all passengers who have reached or passed their 15th birthday.See FARE DETAILS (Section 19) and FARE TABLE (Section 20).

2.       DISCOUNTS:

2.1.INFANT: One infant up to the age of 2 may travel at No Charge when traveling with a full fare passenger at least 16 years of age.

2.1.1.        This Infant ticket has no cash value.

2.1.2.        If the infant is cancelled or the infant does not appear with the traveler, the ticket is voided and the seat released back to Rocket Transportation.

2.2. CHILD: Age 2 years though 14 years receives a 10% discount when traveling with full fare passenger at least 16 years of age.

2.2.1.        Child pays full fare when traveling alone.

2.2.2.        Child needs Dispatcher advanced approval to travel alone.

2.3. COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP: Varies based on Community Location.see PROMOTIONS (Section 18)

3.       ADDITIONAL FEES:Additional fees apply to each One Way ticket.


3.1.1.        STANDARD BAGGAGE: is carried free of charge and is defined as two pieces of fully enclosed luggage with handles, per booked seat, placed in the rear of the van.              Each Luggage item must weigh 50 pounds or less and have a maximum dimension of 62 linear inches including wheels.              No Boxes or Totes.              Must purchase additional seats to bring additional STANDARD BAGGAGE.

3.1.2.        ODD BAGGAGE: Allowed in addition to STANDARD LUGGAGE.Additional fees for odd-sized items as follows:              Fish Box under 30 lbs. and under 50 linear inches - $5.00 each              Fishing Pole under 25 lbs. and under 50 linear inches - $5.00 each              Golf Bag no longer than 58 inches and under 84 linear inches - $10.00 each

3.1.3.        ADDITIONAL BAGGAGE LIABILITY: $10 per additional $100 value.


3.2.1.        Small carrier up to 21inches x 16inches x 15inches for pets under 17 pounds $5.00 each;

3.2.2.        Medium carrier 27inches x 21inches x 20inches for pets between 17 and 30 pounds $10.00 each;

3.2.3.        Large carrier 36inches x 24inches x 26inches for pets between 30 and 40 pounds $15.00 each.


4.1. LINEAR INCHES: The length + height + width of the item added together.

4.2. IDENTIFICATION: All pieces must have clear identification so passenger can identify their own baggage.

4.3. DISCLOSE ALL BAGGAGE: All baggage/boxes/animals the traveler expects to bring on the van must be disclosed at booking. Items not properly disclosed at booking will not be permitted on the van. Should the traveler choose not to take the booked travel with company as a result of the denial of undisclosed or unacceptable items presented to the van at pick up, the ticket is considered completely used.

4.4. BAGGAGE IN REAR OF VAN: Travelers are not allowed to place in nor retrieve items from the rear of the van.

4.5. PERSONAL ITEMS: are items such as purses, backpacks, computer bags, electronics, and briefcases must be kept with the traveler at their seat. One personal item is allowed per traveler. These items must not interfere with the safety or comfort of other travelers. Coats, umbrellas, and other personal delicate items must be kept with the traveler.

4.6. BAGGAGE INSPECTION: Company reserves the right to inspect baggage.The traveler may choose to not bring the baggage rather than have it inspected.

4.7. NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR: Rocket Transportation is not responsible for normal wear and tear of luggage.

4.8. BAGGAGE LIABILITY: As provided by Washington State law (RCW 81.29.050 and WAC 480-30-476), unless a higher value is declared prior to transportation and paying an additional amount agreed to in writing by Rocket Transportation LLC, the following maximum property liability will apply:

4.8.1.        Per Adult Fare: $250.00

4.8.2.        Per Childs Fare $100.00

4.8.3.        Liability is not extended to excess value coverage on articles of extraordinary value including, but not limited to: negotiable instruments, papers, money, manuscripts, irreplaceable publications, documents, jewelry, watches, cameras, computers, electronic equipment, and musical instruments.

4.8.4.        ADDITIONAL BAGGAGE LIABILITY: If you would like to purchase additional luggage liability up to $1000.00 you may do so for the following amounts with a detailed description of the luggage contents provided at reservation: $10.00 per $100.00 value.

5.       ANIMAL RULES:

5.1. ANIMAL ALLERGY: If you have an animal allergy, it is up to you to add this to the travelers name on the first tab of the reservation; i.e.: TRAVELER SMITH cat allergy. Accommodating your allergy may require you to be on an earlier or later (less convenient) shuttle depending on other reservations. It is possible for dogs and cats (or other pets in a carrier) to be on the same shuttle.

5.2. SERVICE ANIMALS: Service animals, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, will be carried free of charge. Service animals may not occupy passenger seats (must sit or lay on floor at travelers feet) unless it is necessary to assist an individual with a disability. Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are considered pets that provide comfort to the traveler and must be in a carrier[RT1] .

5.3. CARRIERS: Pets not in fully enclosed, secure carriers will not be carried.

5.3.1.        One carrier in the rear of the van per trip. Carrier must be hard cased in order to not be crushed.

5.3.2.        One carrier per traveler with as many pets that safely and comfortably fit inside the carrier.

5.3.3.        Pets must remain in the carrier for the entire trip. Pets out of the carrier are cause for the traveler and carrier to be dropped at the next convenient location for the driver with the ticket considered used.

5.3.4.        Carrier must remain on the floor or in the rear of the van for the entire trip for the safety of your pet(s) and all travelers.

5.3.5.        Pet must never interfere with another travelers comfort with excessive noise or smell.

5.4. HIDDEN PETS: Pets brought on board tucked inside clothing or hidden in some creative manner will be cause for the traveler and the pet to be dropped at the next location convenient for the driver and the ticket considered used as a carrier is not available to place the pet in. Pet slings are not considered carriers as they do not fully enclose, isolating the pet.

6.       PAYMENT: Payment is expected to be made at the time the reservation is made.

6.1. Reservation is not booked until fare has been paid. For Online Reservations, the Reservation Summary Screen is prior to the Payment Screen. Printing / showing / presenting the Summary Screen is not a Reservation. After the payment has been made, a Booking Confirmation Email will be sent to you.

6.1.1.        Carefully review the Booking Confirmation Email for accuracy to ensure your most convenient travel on our Shared Shuttle. Fixing errors after the shuttle is[RT2] [RT3]  dispatched increases the inconvenience of your travel with Rocket Transportation.

6.2. CHARGE CARDS: Credit Cards are the expected form of payment. Cash is accepted on very rare occasions and only with Dispatcher pre-approval. Drivers do not carry change so any amount above the fare becomes a tip to the driver.

6.3. FARE ZONES: Fare is determined by actual addresses provided on the reservation and the fare zone that applies. If the incorrect fare zone is stated for the booking and the traveler insists on keeping the address in the different fare zone, the only remediation will be to pay the proper fare or cancel the ticket. See FARE DETAILS (Section 19).

6.3.1.        Not all shuttles serve all Fare Zones. Not all shuttles serve all locations.

6.4. TRAVEL AGENTS: Rocket Transportation does not have a contract with Travel Agents.


7.1. Advanced reservations are required to use Rocket Transportations Shared Shuttle Vans.

7.1.1.        Reservations can be made online at, or with a Rocket Agent by Telephone at Menu Option 1, more than two days prior to the travel date.

7.1.2.        Reservations made within 2 days of travel must be made through the Rocket Dispatcher by Telephone at Menu Option 5 with limited pickup locations.

7.1.3.        Reservations for pickups in Seattle, SeaTac, Tacoma, and Kitsap made after Dispatch has been completed for that travel day, are made after you have successfully arrived at the pickup location. Company recommends you have backup travel plans available as our primary responsibility is to our previously booked travelers as we attempt to fit you in.

7.2. Round Trip: A round trip ticket is simply two One Way tickets on the same reservation traveling in opposite directions.

7.2.1.        For a MULTI-PARTY Round Trip ticket, both legs of travel must have the same types and numbers of travelers. Book two separate One Way tickets if your travel is not the same both directions.

7.3. TARGETED SHUTTLES: We call the shuttles by the time (targeted time to arrive or depart SeaTac) but no shuttle has a specific targeted time until Dispatched. For the examples started above, we mention a 7:30am shuttle and a 9am shuttle. At Dispatch, those shuttles could be 8am and 10:15am based on actual reservations. Or possibly, a shuttle is added because the 9am was full and now those shuttles are 8:00am, 9:30am, and 10:30am.

7.4. ACCURATE TRAVEL DETAILS: Providing inaccurate connecting travel information or changing travel plans that effect your reservation made with us, without updating Rocket Transportation prior to the date of travel makes the ticket fully used. Rocket Menu Option 1 is always available to leave a message if an agent is not available. Shuttles are unnecessarily delayed when Company is checking your travel status from inaccurate or outdated information. After leaving a message, look for a new email with the updated information for confirmation.

7.5. INVALID BOOKING: Company has no responsibility to fulfill invalid reservations as written.

7.5.1.        An invalid booking is one that includes a location combination not served, unreasonable service times, or inconsistent number and / or type of travelers on a Round Trip. For example: Arriving at SeaTac between 10:01am and 10:01am for a 10:30am departure on flight; this is not valid Shared Shuttle Language in that there is not enough time prior to the flight and the travel window is shorter than 2 hours.

7.5.2.        Rocket Dispatch attempts to correct these prior to the travel date to make expectations clear. Please carefully review your email reservation confirmation. Call us if anything is unclear.

7.5.3.        Company will fulfill the reservation in the same manner as if it had been written validly; our example: Arriving at SeaTac between 07:30am and 08:30am for a 10:30am departure on flight

7.5.4.        For a Round Trip reservation with inconsistent travelers in each direction, we recommend cancelling the ticket, then rebooking separate One-Way tickets.

7.6. BE READY: In order to minimize travel time, travelers are expected to be at their pickup point ready to load at least 10 minutes ahead of the TARGETED pickup time provided by Company in your UPCOMING JOURNEY DETAILS email. (Call Dispatch if you are unable to locate the email.)

7.6.1.        For pickups on the North Olympic or Noth Kitsap Peninsulas, it is best practice to place baggage that will be loaded in the rear of the van on your porch / doorstep / driveway ten minutes prior to targeted pickup time and have yard / porch lights on. Our Dispatch goal is to have the van depart the address no later than the targeted pickup time provided in the email.              If the driver has not arrived by the pickup time given in the email, call the driver to find out why.              If the driver is unable to find you at your pickup location, (ie: no answer to knocking on the door or ringing the bell) within 5 minutes of arrival and you do not respond to a call to the cell number on the reservation, the van will move on to the next pickup location. This is a No Call / No Show situation and you will need to find a way to catch up to the Rocket van if you desire to continue your travel with Rocket Transportation.

7.6.2.        Have your cell phone ringer unblocked and on high volume to receive a call from the driver if necessary.

7.7. CHECK IN:

7.7.1.        For HOTEL and MEET pickups in Seattle, SeaTac, or Tacoma, it is best to check in with your driver when you are at your pickup location ready to load when the van arrives.

7.7.2.        At Airports when flying in, it is REQUIRED that you check in with your driver once you have deboarded the plane on your way to Door 00 or at baggage claim waiting for your bags. Leaving a voicemail at the provided drivers extension is considered checking in.

7.8. UNSCHEDULED SERVICE: If your plane (information provided in reservation / updated reservation) is on time or early (according to airport web site) AND you do not check in AND you do not answer the drivers call to the cell number provided on the reservation, you are considered a No Call / No Show. The shuttle will not wait and you are welcome on the next shuttle with available seat(s) serving your area.

7.9. HELPFUL NOTE: If you are booking a drop off MEET or HOTEL, make the travel time AFTER the defaulted Shuttle time. If the last shuttle says 4pm, make the hotel 4:30pm or later (6:00pm or later if you really only want to be on the very last shuttle of the day). This travel time tells us your preferences, then the travel window is calculated from that time to provide flexibility for the Dispatcher to optimize travel for that day.


8.1. SCHEDULE MAINTENANCE: Rocket Transportation will not be responsible for delays caused by accidents, breakdowns, weather, highways/road conditions, or other factors beyond the control of Rocket Transportation and its employees. Rocket Transportation likewise does not guarantee arrival at, or departure from, any point at any specific time.

8.2. ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED ON THE VAN: Should the traveler choose not to take the booked travel on Rocket Shared Shuttle as a result of our denial of undisclosed or unacceptable items presented to the van at pick up, the ticket is considered completely used.

8.3. NO CALL, NO SHOW: A customer who has made a reservation but fails to properly cancel, reschedule, or appear at the designated pick-up point by the scheduled departure time is considered a completely used ticket except as stated in REFUNDS.

8.3.1.        Note that Rocket Shared Shuttle is not a Scheduled service and the targeted departure time at the airport changes with flight status updates in an effort to maximize convenience for all.

8.4. CONNECTING TRAVEL DELAYS: In the case of the specified plane, train, or bus is delayed, the ticket may be used on the next available shuttle by that same traveler; you do not need to rebook or change to a specific future shuttle.

8.5. KEEP ROCKET DISPATCH UPDATED: For pickup at SeaTac, Amtrak, or Bus, call Rocket Dispatch as soon as you are aware that your travel is delayed at your departing location.

8.5.1.        Between 8am and 9pm Pacific Time, call the Dispatcher directly at menu option 5.

8.5.2.        All other hours, leave a general voicemail on Menu option 1 that will be picked up the next morning.

8.5.3.        Be sure to include the updated flight, train, or bus # if that changed also.

8.5.4.        A new email confirmation will follow every change.

8.6. OBSERVED HOLIDAYS: Rocket Transportation will provide service by reservation, in accordance with its certificate, 365 days per year.

8.7. INCONVENIENCE: Shared Service includes inconvenience.

8.7.1.        Rocket Transportation strives to limit the inconvenience of time arriving at or departing from SeaTac, Trains, Hotels, etc. to less than two hours. Meaning that if you desire to get to SeaTac by 1pm, we want to get you there no earlier than 11am. If the wait is longer, then we didnt have another option to make it shorter.

8.7.2.        . Cancelling a reservation after pickup times have been sent out via email inhibits Rocket Dispatchers ability to optimize travel and keep rates down; your reservation affected every other traveler on that shuttle and it is too late to fill the seat with another traveler.

8.7.3.        Transferring from one van to another is a normal part of operations.

8.8. LOST AND FOUND: Rocket Transportation will not be responsible for items lost or left on any vehicle by passengers. Rocket Transportation will attempt to secure any such items at our office for up to thirty days but does not guarantee any protection or rightful return. Any items not claimed by rightful owner for a period exceeding thirty days shall be properly discarded or given to local charities.

8.9. HOOD CANAL BRIDGE: If the Hood Canal Bridge is scheduled in advance for an All Day closure, Rocket Transportation will not operate Shared Shuttle Service on that day. Extended service may be available the day prior and day after a scheduled closure.


9.1. CONFIRMATION of CANCELLATION: When a cancellation is made (online or by calling), look for the updated email showing the reservation status as Cancelled for each leg of travel you expect to now be cancelled. If the email does not show up within 1 hour, go online to confirm your reservation is cancelled, if not cancelled, either call the company, or repeat the cancellation process as the cancellation is not confirmed until the email is received with the proper status. This ensures we do not attempt to Dispatch a cancelled reservation, and also starts the desired refund process for the traveler.

9.2. ONLINE: A ticket cancelled by the traveler through our Online Reservation System is automatically refunded to your Rocket Digital Wallet. See REFUNDS (Section 10) for additional refund options.

10.   REFUNDS:

10.1.                     ONLINE SYSTEM: 100% refund is available up to 24 hours after purchase if more than 2 days prior to travel date when made through and cancelled through our web reservation system. For Round Trip reservations this date of travel would be for the first leg. This refund is automatic through the system not requiring a refund request or human intervention. All refunds processed through the online customer portal are sent to your Rocket Digital Wallet. To have a refund processed elsewhere, the reservation must be cancelled through the Dispatcher.

10.2.                     MULTIPLE PARTY TICKET: Should one traveler in a party cancel, there is no method to cancel/refund part of the ticket and use the other part. The entire ticket must be cancelled then refunded or held as the booking party desires. For maximum ticket flexibility, book individual tickets for each traveler.

10.3.                     PROCESSING TIME: Refunds are processed within 60 days of the refund request. Credit Card Disputes freeze all transactions for the disputed reservation. Outstanding amounts due places a freeze on the Rocket customers account until resolved to the benefit of all parties.

10.4.                     REFUND POLICY: Per WAC 480-30-356, Unused tickets will be redeemed at the purchase price and unused portions of round-trip tickets will be redeemed by charging the regular fare or fares for the portion or portions used, and refunding the balance of the purchase price.

10.4.1.    A customer who has made a reservation but fails to cancel, reschedule, or appear at the designated pick-up point by the scheduled departure time is not eligible for a refund unless the failure was caused by an airline delay or cancellation. If your plane is late but you still have ample time (45 minutes for domestic flights and 90 minutes for international flights) to make the shuttle, that is not a delay caused by the airline.

10.4.2.    Cancellations made at least 24 hours prior to the date of travel may be made to the Credit Card or to the Rocket Digital Wallet.

10.4.3.    Refunds for cancellations less than 24 hours from the date of travel go only to the Rocket Digital Wallet.

10.5.                     ROCKET DIGITAL WALLET: Holds funds to be used for future reservations booked through the Online Reservation System.

10.5.1.    Once placed in your Rocket Digital Wallet, a credit card refund is not available.

10.5.2.    Rocket Digital Wallet amounts have no cash value.

10.5.3.    3 MONTHS to VERIFY: If you believe the funds were not credited properly to your Rocket Digital Wallet, you have 3 months from the date of credit to ask Rocket Tech Support to research the issue. Rocket Tech Support must take as long as necessary to show that funds were applied correctly or take appropriate steps to make the funds available for booking.

10.6.                     DUPLICATE CHARGES: When the Reservation System has charged your credit card more than once for the same Reservation, these Duplicate Payments are not visible on the Reservation system. If you suspect a Duplicate Charge, reach Rocket Tech Support by Telephone at Menu Option 3. Duplicate Charges are refunded in full as soon as they are verified which only Tech Support can do. Payments for Duplicate Reservations is not a Duplicate Payment.


11.1.                     Rocket Transportation reserves the right to deny a requested reservation for travel in the following circumstances per WAC 480-30-451

11.1.1.    In the company's judgment, providing the service would be hazardous, unsafe, or dangerous to persons or property;

11.1.2.    In the company's judgment, driveways or roads are improperly constructed or maintained, do not have adequate turn arounds, or have other unsafe conditions

11.1.3.    The customer has an outstanding amount due to the company;

11.1.4.    The customer refuses to allow company personnel, drivers, agents, or representatives access to baggage or other materials prior to it being loaded in or on the vehicle;

11.1.5.    The customer appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol;

11.1.6.    The customer attempts to bring onboard the vehicle materials that would be detrimental to the safety or comfort of other passengers.

11.2.                     OBJECTIONABLE PASSENGERS ALREADY ON THE VAN: Passengers under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or who appear incapable of personal care, or whose conduct or behavior may be objectionable to other passengers will be asked to contain themselves for the remainder of the trip. If the passenger is unable or unwilling to do so, they will be dropped at the next convenient location for the driver with their trip completed and / or banned from future travel on Rocket Transportation.


12.1.                     NO CHARGE: Folding manual wheelchairs and walkers are accepted at no additional charge. These must be disclosed at booking to ensure space.

12.2.                     TWO STEPS INTO VANS: Our vans require 2 steps one onto a stool, electric step, or running board and one into the van. Drivers are only able to offer a hand or arm to steady the traveler.

12.3.                     ATTENDANT: Passengers must ingress and egress with minimal assistance. If the passenger is unable to travel alone, an attendant with a paid reservation must accompany the passenger.

12.4.                     ROCKET DRIVERS LIMITED ASSISTANCE: Drivers are not Care Givers, Attendants, or Sitters. Please do not ask the driver to take on that roll. It is unsafe for a driver to be directly responsible for the care of a passenger in a moving vehicle.

12.4.1.    Rocket drivers are unable to physically ensure passengers board or deboard at proper locations and times. Drivers announce locations and transfers, if you do not appear for boarding, or do not deboard the van as announced, the Rocket Driver is not required to take additional steps to get you to your desired location.

12.4.2.    Call the drivers if you are lost or unsure. The driver will call you at the provided number when unable to locate you. Driver may not leave the van in a public location to assist a traveler away from the van.


13.1.                     SERVICE AREA: Rocket Transportation serves the North Olympic Peninsula of Clallam and East Jefferson Counties traveling across the Hood Canal Bridge to Kitsap County north of SR308, taking passengers to and from Silverdale, Bremerton, Port Orchard, Gig Harbor, Tacoma, SeaTac and Seattle. Then the exact reverse travel picking up in Seattle, SeaTac, Tacoma, etc. dropping off in Poulsbo, Port Ludlow, etc.

13.2.                     DOOR TO DOOR SERVICE: Rocket Transportation picks up passengers at their selected location in East Jefferson County and Clallam County crossing the Hood Canal Bridge picking up in north Kitsap then dropping off at limited locations in Kitsap, Pierce, and King Counties; reversing on the return trip. Fares are dependent on this selected location. In order to pay a different fare, the traveler must select a location in a different fare zone.

13.3.                     WHAT WE DO: Rocket Transportation operates a Connecting Service with one Direct Van on each route. Additional vehicles (most commonly Rocket Vehicles) bring passenger groups to the Direct Van to minimize travel time for all. Understand that each transfer stop adds travel time meaning that each run is optimized to group with the intent to minimize Direct Van travel time. Transferring to a different van to continue service is expected; this is the primary method for Rocket Transportation to reduce travel time for all.

13.4.                     FLAG STOPS: Every stop with Rocket Shared Shuttle is a Flag Stop in that Rocket Shared Van does not stop anywhere that there is no passenger booking to stop at. Although SeaTac Airport is our most common stop, there are trips that do not drop off nor pick up at SeaTac.

13.5.                     DEFINITIONS: Per WAC 480-30-036

13.5.1.    "Connecting service" means an auto transportation company service over a route, or routes, that require passengers to transfer from one vehicle to another vehicle operated by either the same company or a different company before reaching the ending point.

13.5.2.    "Direct route" means an auto transportation company service over a route that goes from the beginning point to the ending point with limited, if any, stops along the way, and traveling only to points located on the specific route without requiring a passenger to transfer from one vehicle to another.


14.1.                     CLIENT SELECTED LOCATION ON THE NORTH OLYMPIC PENINSULA and NORTH KITSAP PENINSULA: All locations must have minimal pot holes, good traction, 15' canopy clearance on all sides of road and driveway, be well marked, well lit, and require the van to reverse direction no more than one time in order to return to the road.

14.1.1.    Carrier not responsible for property damage resulting from the absence of any of the above.

14.2.                     STANDARD PICKUP LOCATION: Standard pickup location is on the street at the driveway of the provided address. Van will not leave road unless residence is at least 100' from where the driveway meets the road AND meets the requirements noted above.

14.2.1.    Driver will retrieve baggage from your porch (or location no more than 100 feet from safe and appropriate van stop location) and take it to the van (or reverse) by rolling or carrying at the drivers discretion.

14.2.2.    Please clearly and repeatedly communicate with driver if baggage is at a location different than your person until the baggage is on the van.

14.3.                     WEATHER IMPACT ON SELECTED LOCATION: If the selected location is not accessible due to weather, construction, and such, client must select an alternative location in an accessible area. This change is not a failure to provide door to door service. Driver has the final say on accessibility especially in the cases of snow or ice-covered roads. We will not place anyone in danger to check out conditions closer to your location in the off chance that those roads are better than the main roads already in question. Temperatures fall quickly after the sun goes down and the wet or slushy road becomes ice.

14.4.                     NATIONAL PARKS: Company does not serve State or National Park locations that require a pass to enter.

14.5.                     KNOW YOUR STOP: Client must provide accurate address details (123 MAIN ST rather than TRANSIT CENTER or HOME) and know how to assist driver to the selected address. Be ready to answer a call if the driver needs information about your pickup.

14.6.                     GATES: Driver will not proceed through a closed yet unlocked gate without specific permission from the client. With permission, driver will open the gate then continue to location. Client is responsible for closing the gate.

14.7.                     GATE CODE: Should your selected location have a locked closed gate that restricts access to your location, you must provide access through the gate, by code, phrase, call, etc. whatever is proper for access. If access is not successful, your location of service will have to be at the gate.

14.8.                     Pickup locations can only be modified by the Rocket Dispatcher after Shared Shuttle Run has been Dispatched. Drivers will check in with Dispatcher if changes are requested of them.

14.9.                     Client must accept additional inconvenience as part of shared transportation.


15.1.                     Passengers are asked to follow all driver instructions. Failure to comply with a drivers instruction completes that trip and removes your future ability to travel with Rocket Transportation.

15.2.                     Rocket Drivers attempt to sit parties with multiple travelers together and we ask all travelers to help us by listening to and following the directions of the Shared Shuttle driver.

15.3.                     Each reservation books one seat per passenger. To utilize more than one seat, you need to book an additional ticket with the name Seat. Seat would be the same fare as if it was another adult traveler with additional STANDARD BAGGAGE in the rear of the van.

15.4.                     Choosing the seats next to the door before all have loaded requires you to exit each time a new passenger boards as we will never ask a passenger to step over another passenger to get to a seat.

15.5.                     Priority for the two seats next to the door (outside front bench and jump seat) and the middle front bench seat is given to travelers with limited mobility.

15.6.                     Front Passenger seat is a seat available to travelers. This seat and the front bench middle seat are prioritized for passengers prone to motion sickness. It is up to you to add this to the travelers name on the first tab of the reservation; i.e.: TRAVELER SMITH motion sickness

15.7.                     Eating and drinking is allowed on the van as long as the food is not messy or stinky and the drink is in a non-spill container. Each driver may add restrictions at their discretion.

15.8.                     No specific seats are reserved at booking at this time. Also, there is no guarantee that enough prioritized seats will be available on each shuttle.

15.9.                     Selecting a seat in the van does not guarantee you will stay in that seat for the entire trip. Situations may arise which require you to move seats.

15.10.                  Communicate needs/limitations with your driver and be prepared to collaborate with other travelers to find a solution that works for all minimizing travel delays.


16.1.                     VAN DOORS: Van doors are to be opened only by Rocket Drivers including rear doors to baggage area.

16.2.                     SEATBELTS: Seatbelts must be worn by all travelers on Rocket Transportation vans in accordance with RCW 46.61.688. The van will not move until all seatbelts are properly latched. Do not book with Rocket Shared Shuttle if you are unable to wear a seatbelt. Seatbelt extenders are available in each van by request.

16.3.                     CAR SEATS: Children riding with Rocket Transportation must ride in a car seat provided by client in accordance with RCW 46.61.687. Rocket Transportation does not provide car seats.

16.4.                     LIMITED ADULTS/CHILDREN: The driver is not responsible for children or adults traveling alone that require an attendant.

16.5.                     SMOKING / ALCOHOL: Smoking of all substances and open containers of alcohol are prohibited on all vans. This includes all tobacco products, E-Cigarettes and medicinal or recreational marijuana.

16.6.                     ALTERNATE MEANS OF TRANSPORT: If Rocket Transportation is unable to complete the valid booking, Rocket will provide alternate transportation of Rocket Dispatchers selection with Rocket Transportation or another carrier at Rocket Transportations expense. If traveler(s) chooses different alternate transportation the traveler shall pay for that selection.

16.7.                     DRIVER CONVERSATION:

17.   PORT ACCESS / SAFETY: Rocket Transportation has promised to follow all rules put in place by the Port of Seattle (SeaTac Seattle Tacoma International Airport) to be able to drop off on the Departures Deck and pick up on the Arrivals Deck. We ask that Rocket Travelers are also good stewards of Port Seattle use. These are some but not all Port rules. Please see website for more information.

17.1.                     INCAPACITATED: Travelers are not allowed to be intoxicated / incapacitated upon arrival at SeaTac. If this should happen, the traveler must exit the Rocket Shared Shuttle van immediately into the custody of Port Seattle Security.

17.2.                     PERSONAL VEHICLES: The Airporters zone on the Arrivals Deck and Shuttle zones on the Departure Deck are for authorized vans and buses as set by Port Seattle Ground Transportation. These areas are not authorized for personal vehicles to pick up or drop off travelers even if the traveler will next take, or just exited, one of these authorized vans or busses. For the safety of all, please walk to / from the closest authorized personal vehicle location (Door 6 on Arrivals, many doors on Departures.

17.3.                     SMOKING: Smoking at SeaTac Arrivals Deck is just outside Door 00, back into the alcove. Unfortunately, not all smokers stay back into the designated smoking area and it is sometimes necessary to walk through the smoke.

17.4.                     CURB SAFETY: Travelers should never be between the Rocket Van and moving vehicles. Please stay on the sidewalk and wait for the driver to bring the luggage to the curb, or place the luggage on the curb where the driver indicates for the driver to load onto the van. If the passenger van doors are not next to the curb, take extra care to not walk in the path of moving vehicles; entering and exiting only when instructed by the driver.


18.1.                     RADIO STATION or EVENT PROMOTION:

18.1.1.    Rocket Transportation will provide the radio station / event with X number of regular fare tickets.

18.1.2.    The radio station will in turn offer the tickets to their listeners at some discounted rate.

18.1.3.    Rocket Transportation will receive full credit of the ticket amount to be used towards advertising.

18.2.                     NEWSPAPERS AND PUBLICATIONS: Peninsula Daily News, Sequim Gazette, PT Leader and other such publications including newsletters, brochures, placemats, and maps:

18.2.1.    Provide the same as the RADIO stations if feasible for the publication and its readers.

18.2.2.    Provide an additional one-time discount to readers of the publication.

18.2.3.    Provide a Buy One Get One discount to readers of the publication.

18.3.                     COMMUNITY SUPPORT: Support local fundraising efforts within our community through ticket donations to programs for the elderly and children.

18.4.                     COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP: Company will coordinate with local businesses or points of interest to incentivize travelers choosing that pickup / drop off location to minimize travel time for all. The fare would be discounted and potential other benefits provided.

18.4.1.    Travelers selecting to be picked up or dropped off select public points along the travel path will be provided a strongly discounted fare.


19.1.                     FLEXIBLE FARES: Per WAC 480-30-420 Fare flexibility. It is in the public interest to provide flexibility to auto transportation companies to charge fares for service.

19.2.                     For the purposes of this section, the following definitions apply:

19.2.1.    "Base fare" means the fares set forth in the company's tariff, except for tariff supplements, in effect on the date the company files a proposed tariff for flexible fares as a means to establish maximum fares.

19.2.2.    "Flexible fares" means the authority to charge, at the company's discretion, fares in any amount at or below the maximum fares.

19.2.3.    "Maximum fare" means a fare set initially at twenty-five percent above the company's base fare, as published in the company's effective tariff, except for tariff supplements. After a maximum fare has been published and become effective, the maximum fare will increase annually by five percent.

19.3.                     Fare path of travel: Starting at the Forks Transit Center traveling west along HWY 101 to Left on SR 20, Right on Four Corners Road, R on SR 19, Left on SR 104, cross the Hood Canal Bridge toward Poulsbo. The shortest travel path will always be taken based on passenger reservation locations. This path determines additional fare sub-zones that significantly increase travel times and cost more to serve.

19.4.                     FARE ZONES:

19.4.1.    BASE: North Kitsap County, East Jefferson County North of SR 104 West side of Hood Canal Bridge, South on HWY 101 until Lairds Corner Park N Ride. This includes Port Ludlow, Chimacum, Port Hadlock, Port Townsend, Sequim, Port Angeles, Poulsbo, Kingston, Port Gamble, and Hansville.

19.4.2.    OUTlying: 170% of BASE Quilcene, Indian Island (Gate or Park) / Marrowstone / Nordland, and Port Angeles West of Lairds Corner along HWY 101 until Lake Crescent, and along SR 112 through Joyce.

19.4.3.    SATellite: 220% of BASE Brinnon, Port Angeles West of Lake Crescent and Joyce, Beaver, La Push, Forks west until the Forks Transit Center, Sekiu, Clallam Bay, and Neah Bay.







*Fare Rounding Factor is 1






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