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Passenger Rules

Passenger Rules

Effective July 1, 2015

  1. Adult Fares: Published fares are adult fares and apply to passengers who have reached or passed their 15th birthday
  2. Children's Fares: Children 2-14 will pay the ordinary adult rate discounted by fifty percent (50%) – maximum three children under 12 per adult traveler. Carrier reserves the right to not transport unaccompanied minors under the age of 15. Carrier reserves the right to not transport children under 12 years of age accompanied only by another traveler 15-17 years of age. A child under the age of two may ride for free with an accompanying, non-discounted, fare-paying adult one free child per adult. Children riding with Rocket Transportation must ride in a car seat in accordance with state law provided by client.
  3. Seniors: The term senior or senior citizen shall mean all individuals aged sixty-two (62) years or older traveling alone.
  4. Military: The term military shall mean all Active Duty or Retired military members traveling alone.
  5. Fare Payment: Payment is expected to be made at the time the reservation is made. Fare is determined by actual addresses provided. If the incorrect fare zone is stated for the booking, the only remediation will be to pay the proper fare or cancel the ticket with a refund according to Unused Tickets and Refunds below.
  6. Unused Tickets: Due to the considerable amount of work necessary to balance company efficiency and customer convenience, tickets are considered 99% used one business day prior to travel date, 90% used one week prior to travel date, and 50% used two weeks prior to travel date. Any unused ticket, paid for in advance, will remain valid for one year from the date of sale. A customer who has made a reservation but fails to properly cancel, reschedule, or appear at the designated pick-up point by the scheduled departure time is considered a completely used ticket.
  7. Refunds: Unused tickets and unused portions of round-trip or commutation tickets may be redeemed for a refund. Such a refund will be calculated by charging the regular fares for the portion or portions used, and refunding the balance of the purchase price. Refund of the unused portion of a round trip ticket will be the difference of the round trip fare and one way fare. Refund for tickets paid via credit card will be returned to the credit card minus an additional 5% credit card processing fee.
  8. Round Trip Tickets: A round trip ticket can only be used in a round trip manner. Using the ticket as two one ways is not permitted.
  9. Consistent Pricing: No passenger will be required to pay more for transportation to an intermediate point along a route than is charged for a longer trip over the same route.
  10. Right of Refusal: Rocket Transportation reserves the right to deny any requested reservation for travel.
  11. Cancellations: Cancellations at least five hours prior to the dispatched pickup time leave the ticket open for future use. Cancellations less than 5 hours prior to the dispatched pickup time is a completely used ticket except in the case of delays with connecting travel in which the traveler is always able to take the next available shuttle. In the case of delays in connecting travel, if the traveler chooses to find other means of travel, contact with Rocket must be made prior to the dispatched pickup time to be able to use the ticket on other shuttle runs.
  12. Passenger Rules (Additional Fees) Effective July 1, 2015

  13. Additional Fees: Additional fees apply to each leg of travel (IE: One Way ticket is one leg of travel and Round Trip is two legs of travel). Items not properly disclosed at booking will not be permitted on the van if space is not available. If the traveler chooses not to take the trip as a result of non-disclosed items not being accepted on the van, the ticket is considered completely used.
    1. Standard Baggage: Standard baggage will be carried free of charge and is defined as two checked size bags and one carry-on bag as defined below.
    2. Odd Luggage: Prior arrangements must be made with the office during office hours for odd luggage as not all vehicles are able to accommodate large or unusual items. Rocket Transportation will charge an additional fee for odd-sized luggage as follows: folding wheelchairs & walkers No Charge; fishing poles – $5.00 each; golf bags, snow boards, skis – $10.00 each; bicycles, surfboards – $15.00 each; other odd-sized luggage as appropriate. All luggage/totes/boxes must be disclosed at booking.
    3. Additional Luggage: Carrier will charge an additional fee of $5 per piece for additional luggage items beyond the standard two checked bags and one carry-on bag providing they are not odd-sized meaning odd shaped or over-sized according to airport guidelines for checked bags.
    4. Checked Size Bags: Each checked size bag must weigh 50 pounds or less and have a maximum dimension of 62 linear inches (length + height + width) as defined according to airport guidelines. Overweight bags are subject to an additional fee of $5 each. Baggage is not checked. Passengers are responsible for the correct identification and retrieval of their luggage. All pieces must be properly tagged.
    5. Carry-on bags will be kept with the passenger should space become an issue. Carry-on bags as defined according to airport guidelines: maximum dimension of 45 linear inches (length + height + width) as defined according to airport guidelines including wheels and handles.
    6. Animals: Service Dogs traveling with sight or hearing impaired passengers will be carried free of charge. Service animals will not be permitted to occupy a seat, but must lie or stand at the feet of the passenger. Other pets will be transported only when they are housed in pet carriers at the following rates:
    7. Small carrier 21" x 16" x 15" $5.00 each
    8. Medium carrier 27" x 21" x 20" $10.00 each
    9. Large carrier 36" x 24" x 26" $15.00 each
    10. X-Large carrier 40" x 27" x 30" $20.00 each
    11. Pets not in carriers will not be carried. Pets in carriers not properly disclosed at booking will be carried on a space available basis with double the appropriate fee paid directly to the driver prior to boarding.

    12. Non-Disclosed Pets: Pets brought on board without prior disclosure will be cause for the traveler and the animal to be dropped at the next location convenient for the driver and the ticket considered used.
    13. Baggage Liability: Minimum amount of liability for baggage is $250.00 per adult fare and $125.00 per child's fare. Passengers that declare a value in excess of $250 will be required to pay an additional charge of $10.00 per $100.00 value. The maximum value for which the company will be liable per bag or item checked is $1,000.00. The passengers declared amount may not exceed the actual value of the baggage and its contents. Liability is not extended to excess value coverage on articles of extraordinary value including, but not limited to: negotiable instruments; papers, money, manuscripts, irreplaceable publications, documents, jewelry and watches, cameras, computers, DVD players or other electronic equipment, and musical instruments. Rocket Transportation recommends that all electronic items be kept with the traveler and not be placed in the baggage area of the vehicle. Placing electronics in the baggage area of the vehicle is considered negligence on the part of the traveler.
  14. Lost and Found Items: Rocket Transportation will not be responsible for items lost or left on any vehicle by passengers. Rocket Transportation will attempt to secure any such items at our office for up to thirty days but does not guarantee any protection or rightful return. Any items not claimed by rightful owner for a period exceeding thirty days shall be properly discarded or given to local charities.
  15. Schedule Maintenance: Rocket Transportation will not be responsible for delays caused by accidents, breakdowns, weather, highways/road conditions, or other factors beyond the control of Rocket Transportation and its employees. Rocket Transportation likewise does not guarantee arrival at, or departure from, any point at any specific time.
  16. Holidays Observed: Rocket Transportation will provide service by reservation, in accordance with its certificate, 365 days per year balancing company efficiency and customer convenience.
  17. Objectionable Passengers: Carrier reserves the right to refuse service to any persons for any reason; especially those under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or who appear incapable of personal care, or whose conduct or behavior may be objectionable to other passengers. Carrier also reserves the right to refuse carriage of any materials that its employees deem unsafe and/or not in the best interest of the passengers.
  18. Stop-overs: Stop-overs will not be allowed at any point en-route unless the passenger upon re-boarding pays the full fare for that station to the destination.
  19. Smoking / Alcohol: Smoking of all substances and open containers of alcohol are prohibited on all vans. This includes all tobacco products, E-Cigarettes and medicinal or recreational marijuana.

PASSENGER RULES (Rate Specific) – Effective July 1, 2015

Rate Schedule
Fares named below are for adults (persons 15 years of age add older) started in Dollars Price / King Counties SeaTac Airport
Base Area 98382(Sequim), 98368(Port Townsend), 98365(Port Ludlow North of SR 104), 98339(Port Hardlock), 98325(Chimacum), 98362(East Port Angeles), 98363(West Port Angeles until Laird's Corner(Hwy 101/112)) $74.60 / $126.80
Outlying Areas 98376(Quilcene), 98365(Port Ludlow South of SR 104)98358(Nordland), 98363(West PA From Hwy 101/112 to and including Lake Crescent Lodge and joyce), 98343(joyce) $126.80 / $215.60
Maximum Area 98363(West of joyce & West of Lake Crescent Lodge), 98326(Clallm Bay),98357(Neah Bay), 9833(Forks),98305(Beaver),)& 98320(Binnon) $164.10 / $279.00

Note 1: The above fares are listed with the one way fare on the left and the round trip fare on the right.

Note 2: Round Trip is a 15% discount off two one ways – usable only as a round trip ticket

Note 3: Outlying is 170% of Base

Note 4: Maximum is 220% of Base

Note 5: Kit-sap / Gig Harbor is 80% of Base

Note 6: A 30% companion fare discount will be given to each additional passenger traveling with a full fare passenger. No other discounts may be used in conjunction with the companion fare.

Note 7: A 50% discount will be given to children under the age of 15.

Note 8: One child under the age of two, accompanied by one non-discounted fare-paying adult may ride for free as part of the three children per adult.

Note 9: A 10% discount will be given to Senior and Military passengers as defined in the Passenger Rules. No other discounts may be used in conjunction with these discounted fares.

Note 10: All locations must have minimal pot holes, good traction, and 15’ canopy clearance on all sides of road and driveway.

Note 11: Van will not leave road unless residence is at least 100’ from where the driveway meets the road and turn around to return to the road requires no backing.

Note 12: Rocket does not serve State or National Park locations that require a pass to enter.

Note 13: Client must provide accurate address and know how to assist driver to address.

Note 14: Client must accept additional inconvenience as part of shared transportation.

Note 15: Driver Tips are never expected, always appreciated and not included in the fare.

Note 16: Fare Rounding Factor is .10